Who are we

We are a commercial organization with over 20 years of consolidated experience in providing, commissioning, installation, training and technical assistance, in the maintenance of various equipment, goods, and services provided nationwide.

We act as agents, exclusive representatives and authorized distributors of the most important and well-known international manufacturers of goods and services, of varied technology for scientific and industrial use.

We managed to consolidate as one of the most respected Ecuadorian suppliers in International Tender or Price Bids convoked by various public institutions, with funding from the Inter-American Development Bank, United Nations, foreign governments, European Union, among others. All our references are available.

Our market is divided into:
  • Ecuadorian Public Sector, for projects with international financing, corresponding to 80% of our business.
  • Private education sector, for projects with own financing, equivalent to 10% of our business.
  • National scientific or industrial sector, for projects with international or local funds equal to the remaining 10% of our business.